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Brett will show you how to get moving again!

Brett's In Home Training Program

Brett travels to your home and saves you time. He provides small equipment such as exercise balls, small free weights, resistance bands, and suspension trainer tools. Brett will teach you how to utilize these tools and your body, to get in better shape. Whether you are rehabbing from surgery or are living a sedentary lifestyle, Brett is an expert in all areas of fitness. His patience and his education techniques will leave you feeling like you learned how to properly move your body.

Personal Training for Golf and Yard Work Fitness

This is Jose Ramirez, a partially retired gastroenterologist and long term client of Brett. Brett and Jose work on staying fit for the golf course, and any other task that Jose may have to do while he is at work or at home. Jose travels the country playing golf with his friends and comes to Brett for proper golf conditioning. Golf requires a lot of core strength and endurance. They use variety of equipment to keep in tip top shape so Jose can perform at his best on the course and at home.

Saint Charles, MO Traveling and In Home Personal Trainer

Lauren is a busy mother of three who still makes time to take care of herself. Brett is great at coming into your home and saving you time, so that you can get your workouts in and not feel like you are missing valuable time with the children. If you have long commutes to work or to the gym, this can be a game changing service. In home training is a great option for most people. Working with Brett, will help instill that self confidence to get you ready to go out in the world and exercise.

In Home Personal Training in Saint Charles County

Brian is a busy father of three who needed to be held accountable with his workouts!

Brian works with Brett on his form and technique with free weights. When Brian is working out, he is getting the most out of each bout of effort and he is educated so he does not get injured. Brett provides the equipment for the workouts and teaches you how to properly move your body with the equipment. If you workout without Brett, you might not know if what you're doing is too much or too little.

Brett's Exercise Demonstrations

This is a quick routine you can perform at home or at the office to help with posture correction. All you need is a couple resistance bands and a sturdy object to attach them to. 

Busy at the office and cannot find a relief for your neck, back, or shoulder pain? These 3 exercises will help strengthen the muscles supporting those injured joints, and help reduce the pain associated with long term, bad posture. 

Brett's Other Exercise Routines on Youtube

More Routines and Demonstrations on my YouTube Channel

Brett Paul

Brett Paul


Personal Trainer

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist

B.S. in Exercise and Movement Science 

Brett is looking to help you make a big change in your life! 

The first thing you need to know about Brett is that he knows first hand how difficult it is to incorporating exercise and healthy nutrition into your daily routine. He was once an unhealthy 255lb football player in highschool, an obese 180lb 6th grader, and he has had 4 knee surgeries on his right knee. Brett had terrible eating and exercise habits as a child and has been through some serious setbacks physically, which is what propelled him to become the health guru he is today.

Brett is the owner of his Personal Training business, bpaulfitness LLC. His focus everyday is his clients, what they need, how he can provide a path for success. 

"Being able to educate my friends, family, and my clients; how to incorporate and maintain healthy eating and exercise into their lives, so they can live the life they want to live, has been the most rewarding part of my life. Food is fuel, not a reward. Movement is a blessing, not a sure thing." -Brett Paul

Being a Certified Exercise Physiologist provides Brett with a unique background; working with individuals of all ages and disabilities, Brett is knowledgeable enough to work with anyone who needs to get more exercise.

Getting into a health and fitness routine can be very challenging, but that’s where Brett can come in. He works one on one, in a private setting, with his clients and coaches them through various exercise programs.

Brett helps his clients understand what they might be doing wrong, find a solution, and he motivates them the entire way!

Brett can come change the atmosphere that you are currently living and/or working in and provide the accountability and structure you are missing.

Brett is well skilled in:
-Exercise Programming
-Exercise Demonstrations and Coaching Cues
-Corrective Exercises
-Postural Analysis
-Weight Loss and Management
-Senior Citizens
-Youth Training
-High Intensity Training
-Free Weights, Machines, Cardio Equipment, Other Small Equipment
-TRX Certified
-TriggerPoint/Foam Rolling Certified
-Spin Instructor
-Bootcamp Instructor
-Small Group Training
-One on One Training
-Corporate Wellness Events 

My Clients


I have trained a lot of individuals and my clients are my only concern during a training session. 

We have fun but we make sure we accomplish the main goal of the day. 

They would all tell you that my attention to detail is like no other. 

Client Education and Progression


I pride myself in educating my clients. 

I understand better than most, that adapting new fitness habits is difficult to do. 

My goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes part of who you are and your lifestyle.  

I will also teach you how to move your body safely and how to feel STRONG again.

Nutrition and Cooking

My Quick Healthy Nachos Recipe!!!

MyFitnessPal and Food Tracking

MyFitnessPal is a great app to use to record your daily calories! We can use this information to progress further!

Services I Provide


Private Training

Customized exercise program designed specifically to the individual clients needs. I thoroughly take clients through a fitness program; teaching and educating them each exercise. I constantly give 100% attention to my clients to ensure that every exercise is completed with correct form. During each set, I give constant verbal and visual cues to allow clients to get a better understanding of which muscle groups to focus on. Clients will receive various analogies so they can visualize themselves doing real life activities. We progress in a safe and timely fashion to meet the goals set throughout the program. 

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In Home Training

Brett has one quality that helps separate him from the rest when it comes to working with beginner and elderly clients. His PATIENCE is truly a virtue.  

"It can be very challenging to begin and to continue to be consistent with a new healthy life routine, I understand that and I want to help you through the frustrating times."

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Online Coaching

I offer daily and weekly online coaching programs that range in a variety of ways. 

This type of service is designed to keep clients accountable to their fitness goals. Depending on your knowledge of exercise and nutrition determines the type of online coaching you will receive.

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Senior Fitness Level and Home Gym Specialties

Great Beginner Home Exercise Routine!

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