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Program Outline


Employee Wellness Consultations and Tracker

  • Consultations to any and all employees throughout the work day. I am available to advise exercise and nutrition under my area of practice. I track all progress and information that attains to employee wellness. With that information I set short and long term goals with employees and hold them accountable throughout the years. I keep logs of progress with the purpose of lowering insurance premiums for employers and employees. 

Biometric Assessments

  • Keeping Track of Weight
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • BMI and Body Fat Percentage
  • Medications and Doses 
  • and other circumference measurements for fitness and health tracking purposes. 

Functional Movement Screens

  • Starting from square one. Analyzing sitting, standing, and driving posture as well as basic functional movements. Recording and tracking all results and progress. 

Personal, Group, and Bootcamp Training

  • I offer exercise programing to employees. 
  • This can range from one on one to large group sizes of 40+ people
  • Special Events can be utilized around large groups
  • Physician Release may be required per PAR-Q

Presentations on Nutrition and Exercise

  • Variety of topics that can be discussed and educated on during business hours, lunch breaks and scheduled events.

Weekly and Monthly Employee Engagement

  • Healthy Food and Drink Options
  • Visual Aids (Flyers and Posters)
  • Challenge/Transformation Challenges

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