In Home Training

I Travel to your Home

You provide the space and equipment, and I come in to save you time.

Save Time and Increase your Productivity

I understand that we all do not have 3 hours to workout everyday. I specialize in getting the most out of the time we have available, getting you results, and back to your busy life!

Nutrition Guidance

I educate my clients on proper nutrition. 

Clients start to learn what type of energy different foods provide. Learning how much is too much is very important. I teach clients how to live and eat a balanced and nutrient rich life!

My clients typically record their diets on Myfitnesspal where I can follow them and watch what they are consuming every day.

Private Training

Introduction and Health and Fitness Assessment


Full Fitness Assessments will be conducted for each new client free of charge, to determine starting point. Here we will discuss current and former health habits, review your health history, and get you started on your fitness journey.

We Ease on Into it


Typically training 2-3/week.

Clients can expect to build up a solid foundation level of fitness. Learning the  basics of moving your body and compound movement patterns. Slowly progressing from endurance to strength training.

Ready to Go!


Training 3x/week.

Clients that display a strong commit level should expect to see improvement in compound movement patterns. Increasing muscular endurance and strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance, balance, POSTURE and FLEXIBILITY, and further progression into more difficult, but safe, variations.

In Private Studio

Personal Trainer Fenton, MO
Personal Trainer Saint Charles, MO
Personal Trainer Wentzville, MO

I work out of Emerge Fitness located in Saint Charles and Wentzville, Missouri.

I also work out of TS Personal Training in Fenton, Missouri.

My Home Gym

Personal Training Saint Louis
Personal Trainer Cottleville, MO
Personal Trainer Saint Peters, MO

Clients can travel to my home gym that is located in Saint Peters, MO.

I have a large space and a variety of equipment to offer.

Session Focus Points

Get Stronger

As we get older, we want to maintain as much strength as we can. Resistance training is key to make sure we stay strong!

More Flexible

Exercise will increase your flexibility so you can get back do moving better!

Increase Range of Motion

Joint Pain? Committing to an exercise program can help increase joint range of motion and help reduce the pressure the joints have to take.

Cardiovascular Health

Making sure we don't run out of breathe is always a chore when the grandkids come to town. Let me help you keep up with those little ones!

Fall Prevention

Preventing a major fall can save you thousands of dollars. When you stay on top of your health, you reduce the risk of falling as you age. Improving your strength and body awareness is key to preventing this tragic accident. 

Improve Balance and Coordination

Exercise can help us do the little things in life a lot easier. Like walking up and down the stairs, or maneuvering around a house full of family members. This can be very challenging when your balance is off and you have trouble with obstacles. 

Client Testimonials


Becky Litherland (Client)

"Brett has helped me gain strength, increase my endurance, and improve my posture. Not only is he a very kind young man, but he honestly cares about my well being. Brett often sends me text messages to check in on me. The attention to detail with Brett as my trainer is phenomenal. I could not have asked for a better trainer, and I have had a few!"

Bill Lawton (Former Client)

"Brett has always been available anytime I need help. We worked together in the past and even after we finished our initial program, he was always there to lend a hand. I have had several knee injuries and Brett was able to help me work through that. I have fallen off the wagon a couple different times. But this year was my year and with the help and accountability of the best trainer around, I was able keep off the weight.

Darlene Phillippi (Former Client)

"Brett is the best trainer out there, hands down. I have never worked with someone who was so focused on my form. I love it! I know that when I am working out with Brett, I am doing it correctly. Brett always has a smile which will brighten your day. Workouts and exercises are new and challenging each and every time. I honestly feel lost without him."

Sue Darnall (Client)

"Brett has been helping me work through knee pain as I am trying to lose weight. He is very patient with me, which I appreciate. I have had knee replacements and Brett is very good at making sure we progress slowly with rehab exercises. He is always looking out for me, wondering when I am going to be working out and checking in on my nutrition. I like the attention to detail I receive when working one on one with Brett."

Jose Ramirez (Client)

"I work with Brett to make sure I stay strong and healthy. I know when I am working with Brett I am safe and I can look forward to something new and unique. I can tell he spends a lot of time preparing for me, which I really enjoy."

Interview With Jose

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